Blogs about Boys

Recently, a few people have asked that I compile a list of all the posts I’ve written on the topic of boys and masculinity in school. 

So here it is.

Before you read, please note that what you see here is a journey. My thoughts on gender are constantly evolving, changing and developing as I get older, as I read more, and as my thinking is challenged. 

1. Balance for Boys

In which I express my concern for a ‘hyper-feminised’ curriculum that serves to alienate boys. 

2. An Insight into the Male Experience

In which I detail the fact that for a lot of boys, walking away from a fight just isn’t good enough.

3. Pervy Boys

In which I express concern for the language used to discuss boys’ awkward, pubescent behaviour

4. 8 Mistakes about Boys in English

In which I outline 8 mistakes that English teachers commit when teaching English to boys.

5. Dear Boys

In which I write an open letter to boys, reminding them of how to behave, but also how they should expect others to behave towards them.

6. Man-Flu

In which I criticise people’s tendency to trivialise male illness.

7. Boys and Sexualised Language

In which I implore teachers to be severe in their dealings with boys who use sexualised language

8. Questioning Masculinity 

In which I implore teachers to question the way they deal with the ‘masculinity crisis’.

9. Rethinking Testosterone.

In which I renege on some of my earlier thoughts regarding testosterone’s influence on male behaviour. 

10. Masculinity and Violence in Schools

In which I propose a proactive approach to male violence in schools. 

Author: PositivTeacha

Whole School Literacy Coordinator and Lead Practitioner

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